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Is a day coming when the tree of liberty will be refreshed again?

What recourse will Americans have who want to preserve liberty? We cannot continue to sit on our butts. Amen Big D!! Empty Head of Spokane needs to remember who is saving his ass from all the tyrants abroad, because words do not cut it big guy. You think terrorists or any other radicals in this world want to listen to your ranting?

Words are not going to save us!! They would rather cut your head off than have to listen to you and your biblical tyrade.

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These people do not care what you have to say, get it through your thick skulls! They will keep attacking until they have destroyed every last one of us. You can't bring words to a gun fight, plain and simple!

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However, after reading some of your comments I wish you would!! Damn ingrates!! No one is perfect in this country and we will never find a president who does everything right. They all have huge faults, because they are human just like you and me. Wilson in London Think what you like, but make sure you do in London. Stay the hell OUT of this country!! God save this Republic, I am certain that there are no politicians who have any intention of doing so. Do you smell the aroma of discontent, I wonder if that is the same smell that the Founding Fathers smelled?

I guess you disagree with the Jefferson quote on this very page, and the intentions of our founding fathers. If you want everyone to stop criticizing the government, you'll be better off moving to Pakistan where you can live with a dictator like Musharraf who imprisons those who disagree with his policies. The rest of us will continue with the intent of the founders to love our country AND to speak up and do something when we see things going wrong. I think it's time to take out country back!!!!!!!

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While I do support laws that protect my rights, I do not support the patriot act. I have the right to privacy.

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I will not tell you to "shut the fuck up" because I believe myself to be a true patriot, an upholder of the Declaration of Rights, the Constitution, and all of the Amendments granted to me by our fore fathers. I do not feel my rights are being threatened by terrorists -we have made our point to them, we are a super power and they will never win, only a super power can stand against a super power- I do not feel my rights are being taken away from a foreign party.

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Therefore I do not feel that this war is protecting my rights. As for the patriot act, if it is such a "patriot" act and if you claim that those who speak out against the government such as myself are degenerates, take into consideration the words of a man who helped give you your liberties: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

We must always remember that our rights are first and foremost threatened by the ones we elect into office. As a final statement, the tyrants are those that strip us of our rights and liberties by misleading us. The patriots are those that would be willing to die and fight to worlds end for those rights and liberties.

Good night to you all. Wow there is a lot of hostility surrounding the liberty tree. It seems as if everyone is mad at the government or its constituents for one reason or another. Just take a minute and think for yourselves and do away with all the cliche sayings of your particular party. And Remember, brilliant people's quotes deserve legitimacy, however, they are not facts. We today assume "He couldn't possibly have been serious! And he was right. A wonderful quote, this is one of the single greatest things that the founding fathers ever said.

They realized that nothing will be kept perfect, and that people must look their government in the face from time to time and say "we aren't going to put up with this any more. I This is a great quote, and yes, I do believe Jefferson was speaking of taking up arms. Someone earlier mentioned that "term limits would go a long way". This is something I hear all the time and it really pisses me off. The only way we are going to get term limits is if congress votes for them, and that is a highly unlikely scenario.

But there is another solution, and it would not require shedding blood. Forget the partisan politics, make the house and the senate revolving doors, just like corporate America treats it's employees. The private sector has no job security, so why should the public? We should really be looking at history and comparing it with current government rhetoric and propaganda. Our democracy is fading because Americans have gotten lazy - or just scared. People are recognizing that our liberties are being eroded but they just accept it. Colleagues have said to me before gong to a demonstration, "Don't get arrested.

Because we have a closing democracy, rather than a functioning one. Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers were they alive in this day and age would take up arms against this government, not based on the current administration, but rather based on the fact that our rights and liberties are being taken out from under our very noses To all you armchair soldiers out there, I say put down your remote controls and your video games and take up REAL arms against tyranny Thomas Jefferson was spot on! People today are way too dumbed down to realize what the government is slowly doing to our liberties.

The government is taking advantage of all the entertainment movies, books, TV, etc. People are awake, yet asleep in their minds. They see, yet they're blind. Americans serious DO need to wake up, before it's too late.

I leave you with more words of wisdom, but spoken of more than years ago: "The prudent foresee danger and take precautions; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories. And to render even them safe, their minds must be improved to a certain degree.

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If anyone disagrees with this quote by jefferson, I'd be happy do get together with you and discuss it civilly, after I cut your fucking throat. Of course, I only mean that rhetorically. More or less rhetorically. The 'Tree of Liberty' seems to have wasted away by years of apathy and ingratitude. Truly, Jefferson rolls in his grave because of the actions of both government and the people in this day and age.

Even the best devised government will deteriorate into tyranny unless the people they govern hold a big stick over their head. That's why the founders insisted the whole of the people be armed. He is saying the people should let the government know they will not tolerate their liberty being stolen and trampled on. To the point of violence, if necessary. If this is consistently done, then freedom is maintained.

Jefferson correctly predicted that the people would become too ignorant to realize what was happening, but I don't think even he could imagine how far it's actually progressed. It has now come to the point that there is almost nothing we can do, without permission from the government in one way or another. I have come to the conclusion that some or even most people actually like it that way. Read the posts here for example. To Saul, Aztlan, Anahuac: Actually, if you read about Jefferson, you'd probably find out that he would have supported the natives.

He owned slaves but was repulsed by slavery. He pondered anarchism in the US as much as he pondered the republic. A conflicted man to say the least.

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Jefferson was discussing the French Revolution but his statement is true. Freedom isn't free, it is paid in blood. Absolutly, and those comments posted herein by any who are not American Citizens, screw em. This is our land and our right, its time to take back. The government should be warned. To all neo-conservitives fools. You are the loyal scum that worship King who supposes himself as commander in chief of everything and aristocratic countrymen who have brought this land low. This land has no place for you, and God willing, and I pray that the day comes soon, when my fellows and I will make use of you and your masters corpse as a water can for liberty's tree.

Rebellious Stripes Forever! Have you noticed that you live in a country where people die everyday to defend just that. No talk is not cheap it comes at a price. Our country is based on ideas provided by the founding fathers and if we do not defend those rights we are allowing people to die in vain everyday. As for bringing words to a gun fight. A day will come when I will bring words to fight for my country not my tyrant, but I will also be bringing a gun.