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Angst ensues. Major HurtDean! Only Brothers understand reversed by Emerald-Water reviews This is the reversal of deanandhisimpala's "Only Brothers understand". Starting with sick! Sam and going from there Armor by Ridley C. Life is a battlefield where every soldier must accept the certainty of casualties.

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Their life is at risk, but even more disturbing is the vulnerability of those who stand at their sides. Out of Chances by penless reviews Tag to the incredibly intriguing 5x04," The End," so could contain spoilers. Castiel has seen a lot through his human eyes during his time at Camp Chitaqua, and Dean is doing his best. How it all began. Dean whump, sick!

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Dean, and hopefully some plot. Alone by Supernoodle reviews Sam's gone to college and John's hunting solo these days, so who can Dean turn to when everyone he loves has up and left him? And remember, feedback equals love! The Way Home by montez reviews With two lives in the balance, will one be able to lead the other home? Ridley's Brotherhood making a showing. What is to Come by Ridley C. James reviews Summary: T.

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Eliot once said that a life burns in every moment. The Winchesters are about to discover how true that is as they face losing not only the battle between good an evil, but risk the one thing that means the most to them-Brotherhood. Something New by Ridley C. Dean Winchester's new interest proves to have unforeseen consequences.

He learns that unchartered paths are often the most rocky, leaving him desperate to find his way back to the well known. Their latest hunt was successful; the Winchesters ganked their latest supernatural baddies. But not before the baddies did some damage and now Sam and Dean slide headlong into danger. Vision by montez reviews Ridley's Brotherhood used. Visions can be a blessing, when you can stop them, or a curse when you can't. James reviews Pre Series.

Sam runs away to Flagstaff and Dean must find his brother before their father returns. Dean is making himself ill trying to keep Sam out of the demonic radar, at least for a little while. And he definitely doesn't want to talk about his little chat with Famine. Insomnia by Onari reviews After the deal is broken, Sam gets a worrying call from Dean and both Winchesters are forced to face the fact that the past never goes away.

Sam, Hurt! Drabble word: travel. Dean's new scars are a mystery to Sam now. Dean,Protective Sam.

Naming of the City

Dean's naked in this one. Hey, they can't all be Shakespeare.

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No Wincest. For Supernaturalbuffy's birthday. Dean almost dies of hypothermia. Happy Birthday. Two related drabbles. Request, spoilers, and season free.

A bit of hurt Dean. Vengeance is Mine by Ridley C.

James reviews Becoming The Triad was years in the making. Just when the boys think things have taken a turn for the better, they realize that accepting their positions was only the beginning. It stays with you forever.

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Prompt went along the lines of: 'Bobby is the one to take care of Dean'. Plenty sick! Dean and comforting Bobby. No spoilers. No bad language even. Rust free. Dean and Frustrated! Sam, set season 5. James reviews Cannon. Dean and Sam tidy things up for Bobby. Fever by film princess reviews Sam knew it the second his brother's glazed eyes finally met his.

The Indomitus Crusade

Dean, concerned! Dean is sick and Sam is a pain-in-the-neck. Mac tries to hold the family together and tries to keep Sam from hurting Dean. Their Turn by Mouse95 reviews Dean has always taken care of his famliy. Tension is at a all time high between Sam and John. A hunt gone bad leaves Dean changed. And now it's John's and Sam's turn to take care of Dean. Fight To The Death by Smudge93 reviews The Winchesters trap and kill a witch but has she hex'd Dean and if she has how do his family help him? Can Sam and John stop arguing long enough to help Dean or will their constant quarrelling be the end of him.

And what will be the outcome? Rescue Mission by Soncnica reviews Dean has been kidnapped. Gone for four days and three nights. Sam's on it. He's gonna find him. He is.