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My own levels are Survival, Simple conversational, Full conversational, Semi fluency etc. So what I do is take time to think about what I really need to know and imagine myself travelling in that country.

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Then I actively find out how to say what I want and, very importantly, learn all possible answers to my questions! Noyo would love to give you a promo copy of Noyo Portuguese app in the iTunes store for you to review. First let me say, amazing site! Most seem to be paid variations :. Many older books seem to teach that dialect by default.

Ponto de Encontro is a good recent textbook that explicitly teaches both; Portuguese: A Reference Manual is another new one that tries to be neutral. If you find other resources that you like, please come back and share. There are a lot of universities which teach European Portuguese and use this textbook, however sadly none are local :. Another old but very extensive set of materials for Brazilian Portuguese is the DLI course, available for free download here:.

I am thrilled to find this site. My girlfriend is Brazilian, and while English is her native language, I want to learn Portuguese anyway. It would be fantastic to be able to converse with the rest of her family in Portuguese some day soon. I have been seriously considering the Pimsleur program.

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First of all, it has an excellent reputation. Since I am totally blind, this would present a problem. Even if it is fully accessible, my screen reader would read the materials with a real American sounding voice, which might throw me off. When I first looked into Pimsleur, I was expecting it to be highly expensive, and only available on CD. This is a good deal. Still, I thought I would see about other ways to save money on this. I am absolutely stunned to learn that these lessons can be obtained through audible. So I can use my 1 monthly Audible Listener credit on a pack, and buy more at the member rate.

This is truly a fantastic find. I am curious to know if the versions offered by Audible are the latest revisions of these lessons. The release date shown on Audible is , but the free lesson I obtained from pimsleur. This leaves me wondering what, if anything, has changed? Should I pay more for potentially newer downloads straight from the source? Finally, while listening to the free lesson with me, my Girlfriend mentioned something that your post has confirmed.

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She said it sounds somewhat formal. My usage will be in very relaxed, informal settings.

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I would be self-conscious if I sounded out of place. Can you recommend any other audio resources to help me transition to a more informal way of speaking? Hi Justin! I was actually hoping that perhaps they had updated it, but no such luck. Your girlfriend is right — Pimsleur starts off teaching you excessively formal usage, which is a weakness. For example, they start off teaching you to use o senhor and a senhora , the very formal second-person pronouns that you will only encounter in customer-service contexts.

While it would be better to teach a more natural style from the start, I still recommend Pimsleur because there is nothing else that trains your listening and speaking skills so rigorously. Other courses teach you vocabulary, grammar, reading, etc.

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It took me half a year to finish the whole course, but I found that the things I had learned were learned at a very deep level, and rolled off of my tongue without much thought. Think about it as a solid foundation that you can then build on later by increasing your vocabulary and learning a less formal style. Although they are designed for spanish speakers learning Portuguese, I learned a lot from them in the early stage.

I headed over to portuguesepod When you first sign up for a free account, you instantly get a very hyped and pressured offer to get a nice-sounding deal. The marketing technique used on this welcome page is the only thing I dislike here, and very nearly scared me away from a true gold mine.

I must say, after downloading the huge zip file with the box set, it is very nearly all that was advertised. I know I will get a lot out of all of the audio lessons and PDF notes I received in this zip, not to mention what I have access to as a premium member. The pronunciation series was not in the zip as the email said, but I can easily download them separately because of the subscription. I did turn off automatic monthly renewal for now, strictly out of my own budget issues and not because of any content quality issues.

Anyway, this is just to let anyone reading this know that the introductory offer from portuguesepod Thanks again for the helpful site. Yup, I agree, I stayed away from PP for a long time because the marketing was too hard-sell, but there is actually a ton of thoughtful content there. The subscription is well worth the price. Hi Lauren, my wife and I are moving to Brazil soon to be missionaries. We will be doing extensive language training in Brazil for the first year and completely realize that much of becoming fluent in Portuguese will happen there.

However, we would like to at least get started while state side. Reading and Writing it is not as important to us as speaking and listening. We want to be able to have conversations. Which program or method of learning the language to you recommend to us? By your summaries of each, Pimsleur sounds like it may make the most sense. Though I am also going to look in to StreetSmart.

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I look forward to hearing from you, thanks! It helped me learn the most out of all the other programs. Ive also tried Portuguesepod but havent found it to be effective. This is really helpful! I already started on Livemocha, but only very basic levels are available on there. I hope these will help me further! The idea behind this program is that it uses a series of computer sequenced audio lessons that help you retain information from the very first lesson. Just about every Pimsleur Approach review that you will read mentions how much easier it is to use this program than other methods.

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The real reason for this is that you do not have to worry about reading, writing, spelling, or conjugating verbs — you simply focus on listening and speaking. Because there are fewer distractions with this type of learning, people find that they are able to understand native speakers much quicker and easier. Without the distraction of the written word, it is also a better way for people who are only interested in picking up a limited amount of language skills in order to travel. We are primarily interested in speaking and listening. Pimsleur seems good but, as you mention, it only provides 10 lessons for European Portuguese.

What do you suggest? My situation and reason for learning Portuguese is somewhat unique, so I was wondering if you could specifically suggest the best product s for me. Though I need to study consistently and learn on my own because we are both busy people and do not live together.

I have a solid knowledge of Spanish which is also a huge advantage, but more so with conjugation and sentence structure, not too much with vocabulary and pronunciation. I have a few books, but they seem more supplemental and referential to someone starting and not in classes with an instructor. My girlfriend is not instructing me and has not intention to do so. Thank you for all your wonderful information on learning Brazilian Portuguese.

I was wondering if you could offer me some advice. I was born in Brazil and speak it semi-fluently. We moved to the US when I was 5 but I continued to speak it with my parents. I made the mistake of not speaking it with my kids when they were born and now I regret it very much. They are now 12, 10 and 7. I would like for them to learn it. Can you recommend the best programs for kids? I know that I myself would be a great resource for them. I never went to school in Brazil since we moved here when I was 5 so I am a much stronger at speaking and understanding than writing and reading.

I regret so much not speaking it with them regularly as they were learning to talk. I was overwhelmed by motherhood and since English has become more native to me than Portuguese, it was easier. Also, I have forgotten so many words through the years that my Portuguese has become choppy. These are all excuses, I know. I know it will take some hard work on all our parts to make this happen but I am committed. I want to give them this connection to their heritage. Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! I am genuinely delighted to glance at this weblog posts which contains lots of useful information, thanks for providing these statistics.