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The first chapter from the book actually appears at the end of Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring. In other languages Deutsch Suomi. The Two Towers. Tolkien Publications by title. Page Talk Edit History. This page was last modified on 30 July , at This page has been accessed , times. The name Two Towers refers to more than one character, item or concept.

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For a list of other meanings, see Two Towers disambiguation. Contents 1 Title 2 Structure 3 Contents 3. The Lord of the Rings. It begins and ends abruptly, without introduction to the characters, explanations of major plot elements or a satisfying conclusion. The first section follows the divergent paths of several important figures from The Fellowship of the Ring , but tells nothing of its central character, on whose fate so much depends, enabling the reader to share in the suspense and uncertainty of the characters themselves.

The narrative of the second part returns to the hero's quest to destroy the evil that threatens the world.

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While the first section tells of an epic battle, the struggles in much of the second are internal. Hobbits Merry and Pippin escape from the Orcs who captured them when the orcs themselves are attacked by the Riders of Rohan. Mysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan contains work from 18 strong voices - authors new and seasoned and who see the urban areas of the world not as safe haven from the unexplained and the strange, but as concrete jungles where magic and monsters can thrive!

Unbowed, Unbroken, Unrelenting - An Antihero Anthology Sixteen tales of fantasy, horror, suspense, and drama, with some rather unconventional heroes. Discover the truth at the end of the world, escape from labs buried deep within the earth, and never stop running from the creatures hiding in the shadows. Trade destruction in a world where the Cold War heated up fast, dance until last call in a club without time, follow a master assassin on one last mission for redemption. The following stories contain zombies, monsters, angels, demons, and heroes of an altogether unsavory nature.

Unbowed, Unbroken, Unrelenting: Antiheroes. The first anthology from DLP. Joe is a writer from Perth, Western Australia. By day, he charges a toll to cross a bridge he doesn't own. Yet by night, in a haze of scotch-fuelled insanity, he works tirelessly on an array of stories both short and long.

Mysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan

Joe possesses a fierce love of a smooth finish. Under no circumstances should you ask him just what that means. He is primarily an author of urban fantasy and science fiction aimed at young adults. Ichigo Kurosaki is Rukia's guardian and he is going to risk anything and everything to protect her and bring peace back to their world. After achieving vengeance against the Otokage, Uzumaki Naruto is given an unexpected second chance.

N.M. Bradley ( of Mysterious, Monstrous, Metropolitan)

A shame he didn't get a choice in the matter. Tuebor by Hugplx reviews He had two friends in the entire world. One betrayed him and the other disappeared. His desire was to always protect those who couldn't protect themselves, but now he's finding it hard to stay motivated, yet still, he remains strong.

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Rukia is the first woman to defy his power. IchiRuki AU among the lust of fallen angels. Is it worth it to put on the glass slippers knowing that real life awaits after the ball? Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ichigo, a girl named Rukia, and a world of death in between Beginnings were hardly ever smooth. Falling in love was not the intent. And gathering that so-called strawberry stood to be harder than planned. Young Naruto is prohibited from being Ninja of the Leaf. Left to his own devices he takes an unusual path to power as a Puppeteer.

Lots of conflict with Orochimaru, Sasori and other Akatsuki. Something About You by IchigoRukiaforever reviews Ichigo gets a scholarship and is determined to be a succesfull doctor, yet falling in love was not part of his plan. The best part of all is he hardly knows her. Love Conquers All by jazzpha reviews When Rukia is captured and taken to Hell as a prisoner, Ichigo and Renji fight to save her with help from an ex-Captain. As the fallout of the rescue spirals into total war against Hell, will anything be the same in Soul Society again?

Multiple pairings. A Second Chance by Cecilius reviews Urahara tricks Ichigo and Rukia to keep them safe after the war becomes a lost cause and the two struggle with their new lives in an alternate past, one joining the Academy and the other doing what she can to prepare past friends for the future war. Cheaters Prosper by drakensis reviews What's with all this fighting fair?

Naruto's going to win ninja-fashion, by hook by crook and all within the rules The Photo Shoot by Fathom-x reviews What happens when Rukia attends a bikini modeling job for the first time, and her photographer is a familiar hot bodied orange headed man? Trading in Zanpakuto for computers, convicted hacker Ichigo has to outsmart Aizen to solve the mystery behind a deadly virus and clear his friends of police accusations. Getting the girl in the meantime also proves a fun challenge.

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Indefinitely by JadeRent reviews Rukia is stationed in Karakura after the war with Aizen, living a double life as Shinigami and human with Ichigo's help. IchiXRuki, swearing, some spoilers from Hueco Mundo arc. Rating changed because Ichigo and Rukia can't keep their hands to themselves. The Denarian Knight by Shezza reviews Sequel to The Denarian Renegade: Harry, the new and reluctant Knight of the Cross, finds himself fighting against new enemies as he is dragged into conflict. He will have to use all of his power to overcome new obstacles, some more surprising than others.

Things Konoha Genin are not Allowed to do by jgkitarel reviews A series of things that Konoha's genin are not allowed to do in order of teams. Now, a blast from the past! The one! The only! Team Minato! He knows exactly who he is. When their friends set them up on a school-based dating website, they connect through IM, texting, and total secrecy.

And it seems, that sometimes those stupid love websites really do work. A very young girl has her life saved by a very young boy. A promise is made and futures decided.

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Time skip from children to teens. Anyone who thinks otherwise is dead wrong. I Should've Picked A Boy by Lucillia reviews Dreading the reaction he'd get when he reached the checkout counter, Darth Bane begins to regret picking a girl for an apprentice. The Usual by Rosethorn reviews A couple of cranky old wizards at the club. Business as usual. Crossover with Harry Potter and Arthurian legend.

Brandon Bundy

Crossover with Harry Potter. Post Mortem by Case13 reviews Or a handful of odd happenings. Fuinjutsu by Eleature reviews A new seal made by Naruto malfunctions when it's challanged by Akatsuki's extraction ritual. Now Naruto has to deal with situations he'd never dreamed of before: a war, a demon attack, Orochimaru, spies and the paradox of his own existence. Cauterize by Lady Altair reviews "Of course it's missing something vital.

That's the point.

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