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An Alabama couple was sentenced after being found guilty of rape, incest, and sexual abuse of minors. Aaron Cody Smith faced a murder charge for the fatal shooting of year-old Gregory Gunn. They were both from the Birmingham area. Police Chief Mike Roper said he did not know if the victims were targeted.

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Christopher Goodlett, 34, is charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree theft of property, and first-degree burglary. He remains held in the Birmingham City Jail pending transfer to the county lockup. Demarieo Jermaine McGee is charged with two counts of attempted murder. Monquez Johnson is charged with obstruction of justice.

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A third suspect was released from custody without being charged with any crime. The theft happened about p.

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Toggle navigation. Indian Hill crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 12 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime decreasing. Based on this trend, the crime rate in Indian Hill for is expected to be lower than in The city violent crime rate for Indian Hill in was lower than the national violent crime rate average by In the city violent crime rate in Indian Hill was lower than the violent crime rate in Ohio by Salman Rushdie is the author of thirteen previous novels - Grimus, Midnight's Children for which he won the Booker Prize and the Best of the Bombay, Intrepid and intelligent, young Perveen Mistry joins her father's prestigious law firm to become one of India's first female lawyers.

Her tumultuous past also makes her especially devoted to championing and protecting women's rights. When Mistry Law is appointed to execute the will of Omar Farid, a wealthy mill owner, Perveen's suspicions are aroused by a curious provision which could disinherit Farid's three widows and leave them vulnerable.

Are the Farid widows--who live in strict seclusion, never leaving the women's quarters or speaking to men--being duped by an unscrupulous guardian? Perveen decides to investigate, but when tensions escalate to murder, it becomes clear that her own life is in mortal peril and she will need to use everything in her power to outwit a dangerous criminal.