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How to use a semicolon - Emma Bryce - YouTube. ShaoLan: Learn to read Chinese … with ease! Talk Video TED. Nick is the author of DataGenetics. Why passwords have never been weaker—and crackers have never been stronger Ars Technica.

Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim | TED Talk

Your Password is Too Damn Short. Cross-platform - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is difficult to develop and maintain apps which support multiple mobile platforms. Luckily there are abstraction layers which developers can write code on and deploy to multiple platforms. The abstraction layer is usually HTML5 which is to be run on a browser. LCD panel can be made with different technologies and the quality varies.


We have to look into the datasheet when comparing LCD models. The evolution of computer displays Ars Technica. HDMI vs. DisplayPort vs. DVI vs. VGA: Which connection to choose? Desktop LCD monitors used to use fluorescent lamp as light source. Recently white LED has been used to reduce heat dissipation, energy consumption and also allows the monitor to be thiner.

Vikings bring thier wife on expeditions. Viking women were most certainly not stay-at-home moms Ars Technica. The server register with a CA and sign its public key with the key of CA for a fee. The client, after receiving the public key from server, verifies it with the CA. File:Ssl handshake with two way authentication with certificates. Qualys SSL Labs run tests for your server.

As it turns out, CA are not trust worthy at all. There are many instances of CA issuing fraudulent certificates willingly or being hacked. Another fraudulent certificate raises the same old questions about certificate authorities Ars Technica.

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Gerrymandering Explained - YouTube. Gerrymandering from DataGenetics. When an 3rd candidate joins the election and steals votes from the original candidate of similar political view, it can make the other candidate win by a larger portion. Council seat is doubled First round is traditional FPTP choosing half of the council seats Party prepare list to be added to the council after the 1st round.

Instant-runoff voting - Wikiwand. United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum, - Wikiwand.

What If the Electoral College is Tied? They waived in support and smiled, knowing we were advocating for them and their loved ones. Many stopped by the tents to say hello and thank us for being on site. Our eyes filled with tears as we listened and then offered support. These days, most of us know someone affected by a dementing illness, if not our own loved ones.

Averaging three caregivers per person, that totals over half a million people in our state alone. Every 68 seconds, another person is diagnosed. As this disease affects the diagnosed person on average eight years, the costs of caring for a loved one is out of the ball park. The facts stand for themselves. This is why we are at the state capitol with advocates on a regular basis as well as each and every year on a designated day.

Legislators need to know the challenges faced by individuals with a diagnosis and their families. We are now. Advocates were validated to see the warm look in the eyes of our elected officials as they extended a warm welcome and listened to the stories of our advocates and then shared their own. The day was one to remember for sure.

Just as exciting was the presence of Senator Floyd McKissick who spoke tenderly to the group and provided encouragement that legislators are listening. Also present was Senator Shirley Randleman, who recounted her own experience as caregiver for her family member. She knew all too well the hardships and challenges faced by families.

We were all quite impressed that the Lieutenant Governor stayed to listen. His body language suggested his interest, and showed that he was not just there for the moment, only to run off to another engagement. Many industries have adopted robotic technology to supplement human labor, and robots have fulfilled these roles incredibly well. The use of robotic technology in medicine is a relatively new phenomenon and, as with the introduction of any new technology, it has sparked controversy.

There are individuals who will not feel comfortable with the introduction of a new technology and will questions its validity—there are others who will embrace and institute this new technology because they understand the impact that the technology can have on the evolution of the field of medicine.

Robotics in orthopaedic surgery differs from systems used in general, urological or gynecological surgeries. Because bones are hard and welldefined objects, computerized surgical planning can be performed on the digitalized bone images and the parameters of the plans will be applied directly to the bone preparation with the robotic arm. With the robot, only the bone planned to be removed will be removed during surgery.

The margin of error is less than one mm! Because of this amazing capability, the surgeon can make precise cuts and the placement of the implant will be exactly as planned.

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  • As patients, it is important for us to understand what our doctor is offering us when robotic-assisted surgery is discussed and offered as an option. Utilizing a robot does not eliminate the physician from the procedure. The surgery is planned on the computer and during surgery the robot is brought to the operating table to perform the bone cutting, which is technically the most challenging part of the surgery; often, it is the part of the surgery where errors can be made.

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    By using the robot, I am increasing the likelihood that the bone preparation will be done exactly as planned on the computer, ensuring that the knee prosthesis will be precisely aligned. Precise implant alignment will result in a good functional outcome and a happy patient. My early results with the robot have been uniformly outstanding and my patients are happy.

    It is my opinion that robotics is the future of orthopaedic surgery. We are approaching the day that the standard of care will be computerized pre-operative planning combined with robotic-assisted surgery that will result in uniformly precise results. That day is not too far away. Bush is an orthopaedic surgeron at Central Carolina Orthopaedic Associates, www. Central Carolina Orthopaedic proud Central Carolina Orthopaedic AssociatesAssociates is proud to isoffer this to offer this innovative new surgical procedure in the innovative new surgical procedure.

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    • In fact, we are the only office Sandhills region at Central Carolina Hospital. The future robotics is available now! A free service provided by CapTel North Carolina is the solution for people with a hearing loss. When the medical examiners report was released, most were puzzled. The cause of death was a ruptured aortic abdominal aneurysm, resulting in a massive internal hemorrhage. The aorta is the major blood vessel, the diameter of a garden hose, running from the heart through the center of the chest and abdomen. An abdominal aortic aneurysm is a swollen area in the lower part of the aorta.

      The aorta is elastic, allowing it to be filled with blood under high pressure.

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      Aneurysms form when the wall of the aorta weakens and distends like a balloon. As blood is ejected from the heart, the aorta is under constant pressure.

      Lesterland: The Corruption of Congress and How to End It

      As the heart beats, the walls of the aorta expand and retract, exerting pressure on the already weakened aneurysm; the larger the aneurysm, the higher the health risk. If an untreated aneurysm ruptures it can cause life-threatening bleeding. Obviously, it is best if aneurysms are surgically corrected before this happens. Occasionally, an aneurysm results in an embolism a sudden interruption of blood. When this happens, clots can form and circulate through the blood vessels.