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As well as supporting the big, vital charities such as Friends of the Earth, which are working to protect the planet from the destruction made by giant cruise ships, you might ask your skipper or guide about leading charities on the ground that would appreciate some support, whether it is financial, or simply on social media. Do not feed or touch the wildlife. End of. When taking photos of the animals, do not use flash photography and , if you are a professional photographer, you need special permission to shoot in the Galapagos Islands.

It may seem obvious, but it is amazing how many people think it is fine to stick beach stones in their pockets as souvenirs. Same goes for black coral, shells, volcanic rocks, animal parts, native wood or flora. And again, same goes for if you see them for sale anywhere else.

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If you are swimming, snorkelling or diving while on your small cruise ship holiday, please do remember that any products you are wearing on your body get absorbed into the marine environment. Such as sun creams, body lotion, shampoos and so on. Bring environmentally sound products with you and keep the oceans clean. Just a few words are really important. So, in the Galapagos you can have a few words of Spanish, and on the Amazon cruises just being able to say hello or thank you in Spanish in Peru or Portuguese in Brazil makes a big difference.

Flying three times greener than cruising

The Far East of Russia is nine time zones away from Moscow, and historically has often been ignored. Heritage Expeditions directly contributes to local conservation in this part of the world. An example of this is our partnership with conservation agencies: Birds Russia, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and Birdlife International. We aim to actively contribute to the conservation of the places we visit. More about Small ship cruising. Small ship cruising holidays. They take you to another world.

Welcome to the world of small ship cruising holidays. Types of cruises. Small ship cruising comes in all shapes and sizes without ever entering that supersize, floating hotel territory.

ARE CRUISE SHIPS WORTH IT?!?! // Cruise Ship Musician Q&A

Read on to find out which type of small ship cruise is for you. Cruise destinations. We've created a guide that sums up where you can go when on a small ship cruise.

Of course the weather dictates everything, so you must always be prepared for flexibility. What is a small ship? What is a small ship, anyway? It might be a family-sized yacht, a schooner designed to tuck into orca fjords, or a passenger icebreaker that delves into the frozen Arctic. How to choose a small ship cruise. Top 10 cruise destinations.

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Our top 10 cruises vary from the well known, such as the Galapagos or the Nile in Egypt, to some really far out there expeditions: Kamchatka in Russia or Svalbard in the Arctic. Cruise activities. What to do on a cruise. Small ship cruise activities are far from the world of mini golf and lounge singers.

The evening entertainment is more likely to be an eco lecture or a photography tutorial. Wildlife cruises. Some of the most characterful creatures on the planet can only be reached on a small ship wildlife cruise. Find out how you can see polar bears, penguin colonies and whales. Small ship sailing cruises. You can go on a small ship sailing holiday as an expert, novice or total beginner. Read our guide to work out which sailing holiday floats your boat and where you can go. River cruise holidays. Lisbon to Malaga cruising. Go to southern Spain and you can see years of Moorish influence, go to Morocco and see millennia of it.

Small ship cruises for families. Some of the smallest Caribbean-bound yachts can be fitted with toddler-proof safety nets, while Antarctic icebreakers come with quad rooms. Small ship cruises for single travellers. Cruise tips. Our experts have given us some top cruise tips, from packing tips and remembering that you might be at sea for a few days, to sea sickness and whether to bring children.

All our small ship cruising guides. Find all our small ship cruising guides in one place from Alaska and the Maldives to Scotland, Arctic cruising and many more. Give us a call. More relevant guides. History Since Our business in numbers Honesty scheme Who are we? Get in touch Contact us - call or email Call us from anywhere No queues or automation Sign up to our newsletter.

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ABTA member P so you are fully protected. Recently viewed. Flagship Entertainment is a full-service musician recruitment agency specializing in cruise line entertainment. If you want to become a cruise ship musician, we've got you covered. If you have a passion for music and travel, then this gig is for you. Seeking a reading pianist for the showband on a major cruise line.

We work with cruise ship musicians from all over the globe. Toggle navigation. Start Your Trip. Discover the springtime splendor and stunning beauty of Holland and See everything from tulips to windmills on this quintessential jour A holiday celebration infused with French glamour, romance and joie An in-depth journey offering fresh new adventures in the Old World A spellbinding odyssey through five thousand years of Chinese cultu Embrace the yin and yang of wonders old and new on this soul-enrich River Cruises!

Feel Free with Norwegian Cruise Line! Book now and receive up to Cruise the Nile in a manner once reserved for queens and pharaohs.