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A supplemental text book is selected for each series, and its purchase is optional. Additionally, there is the Spotlight Series which explores ancillary topics as biblical translations, history and geography. These are shorter courses of one or two sessions designed to expand and strengthen knowledge of the Scriptures. Just check the course listings and your calendar. Bring your Bible and a smile.

Are you uncertain of the biblical translation you own? Perhaps you do not have a usable Bible, meaning a decorative one so large and heavy that the coffee table is where it permanently rests. No worries. There is a large collection of Bibles available for borrowing and a competent instructor to offer background on the Bible translation you do own.

On the other hand, it is unlikely that we will deepen our relationship with God in a random or unintentional way. Although we cannot by direct effort change our heart, we are invited to participate with God in our transformation. For example, if you were asked to list people, places or events that were instrumental in your spiritual development, what are some of those things you would list? If you'd like to know more, listen to the two sermons linked below. Click on the links below to read more about each environment.

We are transformed by intentional spiritual practices.

Training our hearts to remain open to the fresh, ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. We are transformed in relationship with one another. Being formed in Christlikeness is always lived out and made complete in community. We are transformed as we apply Biblical truth to our mind and heart. We are transformed when we give ourselves away for the sake of others.

The fuller life in Christ comes not only as we give attention to our own growth, but largely as we give ourselves away. We are transformed through encounters with Jesus that mark us forever. There are moments of encounter with God that defy explanation and yet mark us…and we are never the same.

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The intentional practice of a spiritual discipline such as scripture reading, prayer, solitude, or fasting are environments where we train our hearts to remain open and surrendered to the fresh, ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. They are not "spiritual principles" or "moral guidelines" we perform as a way to go about improving our condition. They are not a formula we follow so we can harness divine favor or look godly. They are indispensable to a life of faith, but only to the degree that they allow us to "keep company" or connect with God.

Often it is through a spiritual discipline that we make space in our lives for God to birth in us what we cannot do ourselves.

Transformation is entirely by grace the work of the Spirit , but it requires our active, intentional participation through regular spiritual practices. This means discovering how to meet God through study, memorization and prayerful engagement with Scripture, and it will take your love for God to a deeper and more intimate level. HOW TO. The attributes of God caused Job to think rightly about God and to thus respond rightly to his suffering. Moses was likewise radically changed as a result of his increasing knowledge of the attributes of God.

First, Moses was instructed that the God of Israel is an eternal God. He, like the fire, does not end.

And so, in this same encounter, God told Moses one of His names. Moses would come to appreciate the eternality of God in the years to come. Is it any wonder the one psalm 90 Moses penned was a psalm reflecting on the eternality of God? This never-ending presence is celebrated by David in Psalm and is assured the disciples by our Lord in His giving of the Great Commission Matthew ; see also Hebrews Moses would soon be appealing to God to do as He had promised see Exodus ; Moses was told not to come near to the bush and to take off his sandals for the ground around that bush was holy Exodus When God delivered Israel from Egypt, He appeared in the form of a cloud, separating them from the Egyptians and leading them into the promised land see Exodus On Mount Sinai, where God gave the Law to the Israelites, He manifested Himself to the nation by fire, smoke, a cloud, thunder and lightening, and earth quaking Exodus The people and the priests were kept at a distance and not allowed to even gaze upon God A very unusual thing takes place in Exodus Moses, along with Aaron and his two sons, Nadab and Abihu, accompanied by 70 of the elders of the people, are granted a special manifestation of the glory of God:.

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And yet after this amazing revelation of God to these leaders of the nation, in the absence of Moses they took part in the making of an idol against emphatic instructions of God to the contrary:. How amazing! They sang praises to Him after they passed through the Red Sea Exodus And yet, after the absence of Moses for a short time, they were willing to make an idol in direct disobedience to what they had just been commanded.

God threatened to wipe out this rebellious people. He offered to make a new nation from the offspring of Moses Exodus Moses pled with God to have mercy on His people, and thus fulfill His promise to Abraham, and to bring glory to Himself among the nations see Exodus God withheld His wrath and promised to be with Moses as he led the people into the promised land. But He would keep His distance from this obstinate people:. While God kept His distance from the stiff-necked Israelites, He drew nearer to Moses so that he alone enjoyed an intimacy with God unmatched since the Garden of Eden:.

And it came about, that everyone who sought the LORD would go out to the tent of meeting which was outside the camp. When Moses returned to the camp, his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, would not depart from the tent Exodus One would think Moses would be satisfied with such an intimacy with God, but he was not. He wanted more, more of God.

Wanting to know God more intimately, he made this petition:. Consider too, that this nation is Thy people.

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Is it not by Thy going with us, so that we, I and Thy people, may be distinguished from all the [other] people who are upon the face of the earth? This incident in the life of Moses should instruct us certainly, but it should also motivate us to follow in his footsteps. We can find a number of lessons in this text for us. God made it clear that sinful men must keep their distance Exodus If God were present among His people and they persisted in their sin, He would destroy them Exodus Sinful men cannot fellowship with a holy God as sinners.

God revealed Himself to the Israelites, to their leaders, and especially to Moses. God wanted to manifest His glory to men. He glorified Himself in Egypt by the defeat of Pharaoh and the Egyptians. He glorified Himself by delivering the nation Israel and by keeping His covenant promises to Abraham and his descendants.

God manifests His glory to His chosen ones so they may worship and serve Him. Men cannot fellowship with God because of their sin. Moses petitioned God to go with them into the promised land and also to forgive them of their sins Exodus First, God called His people apart so they could worship Him see Exodus Then God gave His people the Law, which distinguished the holy from the unholy.

He also provided barriers which kept certain boundaries between God and men. The tabernacle was one such barrier. Only one man went into the holy of holies once a year. And finally God provided blood sacrifices so that sinful men might be forgiven and thereby enter into fellowship with Him.

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When the Lord Jesus was crucified on Calvary, He was the full and final sacrifice, having died for sin once for all, so that now there are no barriers between men and God for those who are forgiven and justified in Christ see Hebrews 9 and When God first appeared to Moses, he was afraid to look at Him, and so he hid his face Exodus What could have prompted this change in Moses?

I believe it was his growing knowledge of God. No man had ever been privileged to fellowship with God as had Moses.

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And yet Moses wanted more of God. The more we come to know God, the more we wish to know Him.

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  6. Knowing God produces both the motivation and the means for knowing Him further. This we learn from the nation Israel. They were instructed to keep their distance from God, and they wanted it this way. Let Moses intercede with God.

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    Let Him live dangerously by coming into close contact with Him. They would keep their distance. But this was not the same God who gave them His Law, who forbade idolatry and immorality. And so they did, to their own destruction. There is a very close relationship between being known by God and seeking to know God see 1 Corinthians ; ; Galatians He sought to know God more intimately in order to be able to fulfill his calling of leading the nation Israel:.

    Moses was commanded to bring the people of Israel up into the land of promise. How could He do so if He did not know Him who was to go with him. To see God more fully was to be better prepared to serve Him.