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Well and good. My initial reactions are that the magazine, despite a few sections where the authors are trying to show gaijin in a somewhat favorable light, this becomes faux given the invective. In the photos of the crime scenes, all the Japanese faces are covered up. The foreigners faces are rarely covered up. The magazine even has a passport photo of a suspect. These things should be hard to get. They have an interview with an ex-cop…. Lovely enkai afterwards. A bit tipsy, so excuse candor. Should be words somewhere, keep an eye out.

Friend took digital photos and project it up for the audience today.

Isetan, a department in Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

Lots of shockwaves. Summary thoughts pointed out FYI:. They have seen the likes of this before. Curiouser and curiouser. Anyway, next stop Kyoto tomorrow. Then Shiga the next day.

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Keep us posted, everyone. Debito in Kashihara. Finally back online after two days in the wilderness, sorry. Meanwhile, I stop by every convenience store I see. Debito in Hirakata. This is apparently not permitted under Japanese publishing laws.

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Anyone want to do some research on the laws or the people involved here? Have a look. Thanks to Mr Parry. He is also Foreign correspondent of the year.

Stockingtease, Les Pages Hunsyellow, Kmart, Msn, Microsoft, Noaa… - Harnais Meunier

From these it is clear that it is a work of scrabrous racism of a kind which, in the west, you would not find outside the publications of the dedicated ultra-right. But this magazine was on sale in Family Mart, a chain convenience store with branches every few hundred years across Japan. The magazine or mook — Japanese for a hybrid of a magazine and a book gives explicit expression to a notion which peeps between the lines of a lot of crime reporting — that crime in Japan is simply and straighforwardly the fault of foreigners.

Oh no. How sad. How disappointingly obvious. There was I, hoping to identify a complicated racial paradigm shift, or a radical rippling of the zeitgeist or at the least a dangerous breach in the space-time continuum.

Stockingtease, Les Pages Hunsyellow, Kmart, Msn, Microsoft, Noaa…

The most comprehensive blogging on the subject so far is by that tireless campaigner for gaijin rights, Arudou Debito. The later posts contain the text of a letter to Family Mart which ahs outlets in the US demanding the removal of the offensive publication. I have always enjoyed being a customer of yours. Please remove this magazine from your shelves immediately and return them to the publisher. Please take care not to sell magazines of this type ever again in your stores. Until you do, I will not shop in your store, and will tell my friends overseas and nationwide to boycott your stores.

Non-Japanese are important customers too, and in this competitive market it will be no trouble for us to take our business elsewhere. Here you go, Bloggers. Download this letter in English and Japanese and take it to your Family Mart. Download from links above for a printable formatted copy, one page. They just opened in Hokkaido a few months ago, and are pretty concerned about their image as a newcomer in this competitive market. They had the magazine in stock. They were very nice about it, and took it off the shelves immediately.

Should cause a shock, appropriately. In both cases, the manager was very apologetic and cooperative, and away went the mags to the back room. PHOTO:Human rights activists say the magazine is indicative of the climate of fear of foreigners created by conservative newspapers and politicians. The magazine, which is available in mainstream bookstores and from Amazon Japan, makes liberal use of racial epithets and provocative headlines directed mainly at favourite targets of Japanese xenophobes: Iranians, Chinese, Koreans and US servicemen.

Human rights activists said the magazine was indicative of the climate of fear of foreigners created by conservative newspapers and politicians, notably the governor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara. It would be tantamount to hate speech in some societies.

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One section is devoted to the alleged tricks foreign-run brothels use to fleece inebriated Japanese salarymen, while another features a comic strip retelling, in graphic detail, the murders of four members of a Japanese family by three Chinese men in Mr Chida, who is Japanese, is serving a year prison sentence.

Mr Arudou accused the mainstream press of exploiting the supposed rise in foreign crime by failing to challenge official police figures. Although the actual number of crimes has risen, he said, so has the size of the foreign population. The current population of million is expected to drop to below million by , when more than a third of Japanese will be aged over Just got this reply from a friend named Tom who wrote Family Mart management.

Wrote Famina a similar note and got the belowmentioned reply in less than 10 hours. Glad to see that some folks in Japan are occasionally willing to listen. Once again, thank you so much for contacting us and will continually strive to improve the quality of our store to meet up to your expectation of Famima!! We here at Japan Probe are not going to let a mainstream convenience store like Family Mart get away with selling such offensive material.

We would like to call for an international boycott of FamilyMart-affiliated convenience stores. We ask that you not shop at any of these stores. Please write letters or e-mails to FamilyMart corporation, letting them know your displeasure with their decision to sell racist literature. Spread the word about this to everyone you know. The foreign community in Japan is very small, so we will need every person we can get. If you have friends in one of the other countries FamilyMart operates, let them know about the boycott.

If you have a website or blog, please write about this and spread the news [feel free to use the above image to show your support to the boycott].

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If anyone has contacts in the media, please let them know about this! We also support any other peaceful and legal method of getting the word out about this issue. What do we want from Family Mart?

FamilyMart must stop selling publications from the company responsibile for the magazine in question. Charitible donations by FamilyMart Co. As part of this campaign, we would like to compile a list of known store locations that have sold the magazine in question.

If possible, take pictures of the magazines on their display rack, so we can post them here. If you buy a copy as a reference, scan your receipt as proof that it was purchased at FamilyMart. To many devotees of the blogosphere, this is already old news. But just in case readers have lives outside of cyberspace:. Given that it is being sold on Amazon and in major Japanese convenience stores Family Mart, for one , it is in my view worth making a fuss about. More on what you can do in my comments below. Let me turn the keyboard to the person who initially notified me two days ago, Steve.

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Sorry for the language, but it is germane:. Washington I wonder who this guy is? City of Violent Degenerate Foreigners!! Article about foreigners scamming Japanese for money: mushirareru nihonjin. Picture of black guy touching a J. Picture of dark-haired [White? This is Japan! Picture of foreigner with hands down a J. Debito, this is one of the most irresponsible and mean-spirited pieces of journalism and publishing I have ever had the misfortune to come across. And the blogosphere is suggesting creative ways to sabotage the sales such as sticking chewing gum in the copies on the newsstand.

You can also exercise your power as consumer by letting the stores in your area which stock this magazine know how you feel be polite about it. Comments to Amazon.