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For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular.


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I write sexy romance in modern, historical, paranormal and science fiction genres. Considered yet another way, the majority of clips have sufficient Wow! Since the Wow!

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These movie clips made it to the list because they are equally strong in Wow! Quadrant analysis of the movie Wow!


Both factors were rated from 1 to 5, where 5 is highest. Table II. Good Hair It was rated by the teacher expert cohort of summer because it takes time to purchase each DVD, capture and edit each clip, and develop a mini-lecture about the chemistry in the clip before the teacher experts can rate it. The teacher experts of summer rated Good Hair as having a 5. It is a documentary about the use of sodium hydroxide as a hair straightener for nappy hair. In the clip, he visits a factory that produces sodium hydroxide gel for use in hair salons, discusses the safety issues, shows stylists being trained to use the product, shows it being applied to hair, and then has a white chemist perform a demonstration of sodium hydroxide strength while wearing goggles and standing in front of a period table.

Senior Citizen Informal Learners The second largest number of movie clips were rated by senior citizens taking a lifelong learning course. These 22 informal learners rated 58 movie clips and explanations. The large class size shows there is a strong demand for scienceoriented courses by this demographic. They chose this course from among a large selection of continuing education courses for senior citizens.

Since we wanted to know how their scores compared to the teacher experts, they were subjected to quadrant analysis Figure 1, bottom panel. For most movies, the senior citizens gave much higher Wow! Only five movies were given a slightly low learning rating, indicating that every explanation was interesting to them.

Further analysis showed the relative placement of most clips within the quadrants were the similar to the teacher experts Figure 1, compare locations of selected movie titles. This indicated both groups were using similar criteria for discrimination but that it was masked by the higher scores given by the senior citizens. They probably gave higher ratings because they enjoyed the experience and possibly because they wanted to please the teacher for going to the trouble of preparing and presenting the lectures. When the senior citizen impact scores Wow!

For these ten clips, the senior citizens gave consistently higher Wow! There were three modest outliers. They reported especially low learning for Duck Dodgers nomenclature and especially low Wow! The senior citizens gave higher than average impact to Fuller Brush Girl because they reported higher learning elements in the periodic table.

Figure 2. Ratings correlations between the Experts and three other groups for 10 movie clips and explanations. The symbol, slope, and correlation coefficient are: Senior Citizens open circles, 0.

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Each camp lasts two and a half days and they receive the movie chemistry presentation on the second evening. When their impact scores Wow! This suggested the teacher experts were not good predictors of science camp students ratings. In one sense, these learners gave all clips a similar impact scores, indicating a lack of discrimination. Another view is to suggest they gave a very low impact score to Apollo 13 compared to the teacher experts.

Whereas adults see the drama of three men working to save their lives under extreme circumstances, the science camp youth may see slow drama.

The Nutty Professor (2/12) Movie CLIP - Chemistry with Carla (1996) HD

The stoichiometry explanation after the clip may also be too advanced for middle school students. The college students gave lower scores than any group with impact scores that were an average 0. According to the correlation, they gave especially low impact to Fuller Brush Girl due to a very low Wow! They gave especially high impact to Clambake, featuring Elvis as a chemical engineer who develops a varnish and then sings about it. The need to fit the talk into a minute period while allowing for ample interaction time with the well-behaved but excited students meant the 5-minute Apollo 13 clip had to be eliminated.

The most significant outlier was The Bone Collector because the middle school students gave it such a low Wow! During the presentations, the two Special Needs sections had been significantly more boisterous than the one Advanced or two Regular sections and we wondered whether this would be reflected in their scores.

When their average Wow! Like the teacher experts and senior citizens, the three middle school groups differ in Wow! It seems that everyone from middle school to senior citizens have the same high feelings about chemical learning. This underscores the power of movie clips to reach even the most challenging learners while creating impactful learning opportunities for everyone.

Figure 3. The slope and correlation coefficient for the plotted line are 1. When the outlier point for The Bone Collector is omitted, the slope and correlation coefficient are 1. Bar chart of average Wow! Teachers Are Able To Predict the Most Useful Material Despite the nuances of each group, we wanted to know whether teacher experts were good predictors of which movie clips and explanations the learners would find most impactful.

To test this idea, we compared the rank order of clips for these two groups Table III. The bottom two movies for teachers and learners were Duck Dodgers and Monkey Business. Both these movies make simple points that add spice to a lecture naming elements using a fictional example, and watching a chimpanzee pour liquids together but are only tangentially related to classroom material. The presence of Monkey Business at the bottom was expected since it was chosen as a control for its low pedagogical utility. Each of these clips have direct connections to the material often taught in chemistry courses stoichiometry, the plant origins of molecules and drugs, and the periodic table, respectively.