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They also learn some qualities like co-operation, sympathy, etc. This system may make the children more dependent and they may lose self-confidence, self-reliance, and initiative. The difference between the nuclear family and the extended family is that a nuclear family refers to a single basic family unit of parents and their children, whereas the extended family refers to their relatives, as well — such as grandparents, in-laws, aunts, and uncles, etc.

The extended family is continuous while the nuclear family is not.

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A nuclear family comes to an end when one of the parents dies. The nuclear family is independent while the extended family is run by the eldest person in the family. A joint family is a form of an extended family consists of three or more generations, living together under the same roof, sharing the same kitchen and purse or economic expenses. It is a family consisting of three nuclear families living together. They are blood relatives or close kins. In patriarchal families, only unmarried daughters, or at times widowed daughters are a part of the family.

Family Authority by Denise Sproul

Kinds of Families On the Basis of Residence:. Matrilocal Family:. Patrilocal Family:. In this system, the couple decides to live with the parents of either the groom or the bride. Family Changing Residence:. Here, the husband and wife live in separate residences, which are usually close to their respective jobs.

These families are found in West and developed nations in which both the husband and the wife are career-minded and work in different cities. They can also fall under changing residence families. Kinds of Families On the Basis of Marriage:. Monogamous Family:. In this system, the family consists of one husband and one wife, including children and is based on monogamous marriages.

Under the Christian, the Parsi, and the Hindu Marriage Acts, neither the husband nor the wife can marry again in the lifetime of his or her spouse. Polygamous Family:. In this system A family consisting of one husband, and his more than one wife at the same time. This type of family has its basis in the polygamous form of marriage. It is practiced by Muslims. Polyandrous Family:. A family made up of one wife and her more than one husband at the same time.

If the child has been temporarily placed by the originating authority in the area for the purposes of assessment, treatment psychological or medical or education, with or without their parents and will be returning to the originating authority;. If the child is temporarily living with relatives or friends in the area but will be returning to the care of a parent in the originating area [1];.

If the child and their family have been placed in temporary accommodation in the receiving authority for a specified period of time, which is less than 4 weeks, after which they will be located elsewhere. Where the originating authority is dealing with a child through the public law outline, a legal planning meeting has agreed that the threshold has been met but proceedings have not been initiated pending further assessments, then case responsibility should transfer to the receiving authority unless:.

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Even if the originating authority is not transferring case responsibility for any of the reasons listed in 6. The receiving authority should maintain a "List" of children subject to child protection plans with another authority but resident in their area and ensure that other agencies are notified of the circumstances of those children.

God's authority in the family

If an immediate risk is identified, then they consider what action to take to safeguard the child see Referral. It would be good practice for the originating authority to retain case responsibility until that child and family have settled i. This is to ensure some continuity in the arrangements for the protection of that child. If either the originating authority or the receiving authority identifies that a family are or have been moving repeatedly between areas for short periods of time, then they may discuss and agree such an exceptional arrangement. The receiving authority may delay the date of the transfer child protection conference if it considers that the documentation provided by the originating authority see 6.

Any disagreements about the quality of the documentation should be resolved between managers in the respective services and escalated to the senior manager responsible for safeguarding services in each authority in the event of a disagreement. Any disagreements should be resolved within 10 working days from the point of receipt of the documentation. These procedures relate to duties arising out of the Children Act and related legislation, regulation and guidance to provide services for children at risk of significant harm and subject to a child protection plan.

The transfer of case responsibility from the originating authority to the receiving authority may not always mean that all of the responsibilities of the originating authority for the completion of an assessment of need risk have also come to an end. Whilst this is not a reason to delay the transfer of case responsibility for a child protection plan, the originating authority should seek legal advice to ensure that any duties arising out of other sections of the Children Act or other legislation have also been fulfilled.

If a family moves whilst subject to child protection enquires under s47 CA 89 or an assessment of need under S17 CA 89 , those assessments should be concluded before transfer of case responsibility takes place. This ensures that services are working together to limit the extent to which children and families are exposed to having to repeat their stories and repeat work to overcome child protection concerns. However, where a family has only been resident in the originating authority for a short period of time, then the respective authorities should consider who is best placed to undertake the assessment.

The Fact Factor

This is especially important for those families who have moved frequently between authorities thereby preventing any authority or professional network from getting to know them. If a family with children subject to a child in need plan moves to another area, then the originating authority should notify the receiving authority that the family have moved and provide copies of relevant documentation:.

Where the originating authority has been providing or funding services for the children, they should continue to do so for the period of time originally envisaged by the child in need plan. Skip to main content. The Sociological Review. Article Menu. Download PDF. Cite Citation Tools.

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